The Elite Plex Network is currently under maintenance | Please read our latest forum announcement.

The Network will now be under maintenance for the foreseeable future as we make updates and improvements. We will have more information on these changes in due course.

After its first-ever season, we are finally announcing a full reset and new season for our Skyblock server! 


Season 1 for Skyblock has been short-lived but we feel that the server needs to be reset in order for new players to have the chance to join and start on a level-playing field and also to allow us to fix any issues from the previous season with an update.

This update for the brand new season brings a lot of additions and changes and have therefore dedicated a brand new area of the website to information about what's new in the update and also how the reset works. This information can be found at 'https://eliteplex.n...

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on our Game Modes yet again in the off-peak times in order to get some more updates added to the server before its the opening of the first seasons of KitPVP and Skyblock. Some of the changes made to the KitPVP Server are as follows:

  • Based upon some of our feedback on our kits, it has been made aware that having 4 kits that are free and available to everyone is a little too much. To combat this, we have now made Kit PVP the only kit that is free and the rest now have to be bought with in-game coins.
  • Another thing we were made aware of during our first opening was that our Kit Tank was way too overpowering and led to an unfair PVP experience if someone w...

We are yet again looking for even more members to join our Moderator Programme. Our Programme involves you submitting an application and if successful in that stage, you will then be asked to take part in an interview. During the interview, questions will be asked by our Management Team to see if you are the right person for the role. If also successful in the interview stage, we will then promote you to the role of Trainee so that training can occur to ensure you know all necessary commands and their correct usage as well as when players need to be punished etc. After all training has been completed, you will then be given the role of Moderator on our Minecraft Server, Discord Server and also our website. This role brings some permis...

Hello Everyone,

As mentioned in one of our previous announcements, our opening wasn't what we had expected and there were quite a few issues on the server that could do with fixing. As the Owner of Elite Plex, I have taken the time to discuss with the Admin Team some of the possible ways we could boost the server and sort any issues. One of the possibilities and the way we have chosen to move forward is to look into a second release of the server with improvements made which will allow us to show you, the players, exactly what we are capable of delivering.

In order for any improvements to be made on the server, I closed down the Game Servers at 23:00 GMT last night so that work could commence immediately on those serve...

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