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IGN: AlexReynolds
by AlexReynolds » 10 months ago

Hello Everyone,

As mentioned in one of our previous announcements, our opening wasn't what we had expected and there were quite a few issues on the server that could do with fixing. As the Owner of Elite Plex, I have taken the time to discuss with the Admin Team some of the possible ways we could boost the server and sort any issues. One of the possibilities and the way we have chosen to move forward is to look into a second release of the server with improvements made which will allow us to show you, the players, exactly what we are capable of delivering.

In order for any improvements to be made on the server, I closed down the Game Servers at 23:00 GMT last night so that work could commence immediately on those servers first. Tomorrow at 23:00 GMT, the Hub Server will then also be shut down for any further changes to be made on that server. This will mean that for a few weeks, the servers will be down and can't be played on whilst we prepare for a second re-opening event. I would also like to add that any progress made in the past week will be erased to make the game fair for players who hopefully choose to join us on the second re-opening.  I hope that you understand our current situation and our decision based on it.

I kindly ask that you bear with us at this moment in time and we look forward to sharing the server with you all again once we have made it even better!