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IGN: AlexReynolds
by AlexReynolds » 10 months ago

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on our Game Modes yet again in the off-peak times in order to get some more updates added to the server before its the opening of the first seasons of KitPVP and Skyblock. Some of the changes made to the KitPVP Server are as follows:

  • Based upon some of our feedback on our kits, it has been made aware that having 4 kits that are free and available to everyone is a little too much. To combat this, we have now made Kit PVP the only kit that is free and the rest now have to be bought with in-game coins.
  • Another thing we were made aware of during our first opening was that our Kit Tank was way too overpowering and led to an unfair PVP experience if someone were using that kit. We have since modified the kit and changed some of its items to make it fairer.
  • We have also added 1 new item to the KitPVP in-game shop. This item is a fire-resistance potion and will also help against players using the Pyro Kit. It is priced at 100 Coins for 1 potion.
  • Finally, we have also been suggested to implement an item that allowed you to quickly select your last used kit. I can confirm that this has been added and after some testing, works perfectly.


That is all we have for this mini KitPVP update prior to Season 1 but there will be more changes made after we have had some feedback on the first season.


AlexReynolds (Server Owner)