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by AlexReynolds » 8 months ago

After its first-ever season, we are finally announcing a full reset and new season for our Skyblock server! 


Season 1 for Skyblock has been short-lived but we feel that the server needs to be reset in order for new players to have the chance to join and start on a level-playing field and also to allow us to fix any issues from the previous season with an update.

This update for the brand new season brings a lot of additions and changes and have therefore dedicated a brand new area of the website to information about what's new in the update and also how the reset works. This information can be found at ''.


In order for us to apply the updates to the Skyblock Server and to reset all islands, balances etc, we will be whitelisting the server at 9:00 pm GMT on Friday 6th March 2020. The Server will then reopen for players to join on Saturday 7th March @ 9:00 pm. We hope that you join us on the Saturday so that we can showcase the brand new update and take part in events that will be hosted by our Staff Team.

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