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Skyblock Reset - Season 2

After Nearly 2 months of its first season, we are happy to announce that Skyblock will under-go its first reset! This will give new and existing players a fresh chance to play with equal opportunities and new challenges to face.

As part of the reset, quite a lot of progress will be lost from the previous season, whilst some things you will keep. We have come up with a list of what will and will not be lost as part of the reset as shown below:

What will I lose?
- Your Island
- Your Inventory
- Ender Chest and Vault Items
- Player Money
- Remaining Crate Keys

What do I keep?
- Any Purchased Ranks

What is New?
We have updated a lot of existing features from Season 1 as well as implementing some new things to Skyblock to form yet another update of the Game-Mode as part of the new Season! To see some of the things that we have updated or implemented as part of the new season/update, take a look at the following:

As part of the New Season, we are bringing a brand new Spawn for Skyblock! The New Spawn is slightly smaller and compact than our previous spawn map in Season 1. It also now allows us to bring new NPCs to Spawn as well as new areas for crates that are closer to the spawn point. There is also extra room for tutorials which we do have some setup. One of which is a Cobblestone Generator Tutorial for new players who don't know how to make one. This new spawn is a perfect addition and we think this will certainly help develop the Skyblock Ease-of-Use and overall experience.
NPCs have been a long-awaited feature of Skyblock. With Season 1 Spawn being limited with space, unfortunately, we couldn't add any NPCs to help carry out tasks and generally make things easier to navigate. However, with the introduction of a brand new spawn, we managed to find the perfect place for some NPCs. These are located just down the stairs from the spawn point and allow you to easily access the Enchant Shop, Shop, Auction House and new Island Panel with top islands. We hope that these will bring some convenience to your Skyblock Experience!
Chat Levels - On top of some major new additions, something smaller we have added to the Skyblock Server now is Island Levels in chat. These are placed before your rank prefixes and your name and display your current Island Level from when you last did "/is level". Whilst this will not at all affect gameplay, it is a simple and nice feature for players to easily be able to see other player's Island Levels.

Tutorials - In the new spawn we also now have a Cobblestone Generator tutorial that shows you how to make an effective and working generator. We may consider adding more tutorials in the future to help new players out even more but for now, we feel that this is good enough as there aren't many tutorials needed for anything else yet.

Ranked Shop - This next and final addition for this update will not apply to all players which is why we have placed this in the 'Extras' category. We are also introducing a brand new ranked shop which allows ranked players to exclusively buy items for cheaper and also buy new, unique items. This will be available to all players with any rank bought from ''.